Hello, I'm Bob Powell

And this is an introduction to my work within the experience design industry with links and examples for those who are remotely interesting in such things.

I'm Bob Powell, an Experience Design Consultant based in the UK. I'm married and have two young sons. I live in Bleadon in North Somerset, on the edge of Weston-super-Mare, and so obviously work mainly in the South West with the occasional  consultancy in Wales, London and the Midlands. I'm a science aficionado, with a fascination for both Cosmology and Quantum Physics and of course for the more human sciences of psychology and social interaction.

My currently title is Principal UX for Saint Gobain UK (the biggest company nobody has ever heard of) where I've helped establish the UK's first dedicated Experience Design team, helped create the E-Commerce Platform MVP, on which all brands will trade as well as their first Apps and AI driven Chabots.

It's challenging, but it's rewarding and really, what more can you ask?


If I was to list every client and every system, be it service design, product design, communications strategy that I've worked with and on over the thrity odd years I've been doing this the site sould be unusable and frankly, by the time you got to the end, hopelessly out of date.
Not a good experience in other words, which is exactly the kind of thing I try to avoid. I have been very lucky and have worked with some very big names and some very, very big projects, across gaming, government, automotive, banking, law, building and... again I'm not going to list them, too long, too boring. So what you see below is a list of what I personally consider the highlights of mt career so far.


Land Rover




Lloyds TSB


Here you'll find examples of my work with explanations of how and why I went about solving particular problems.
Please note: This isn't a comprehensive collection just example of various elements and projects I've worked on, showing the scope of my work and the process behind it.