My Testimonials

As stated on a previous page, Reiki works on the body, emotions, mind and spirit of the client. Conditions like stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia respond very well to Reiki.

Here are some recent testimonials from clients:
Panacea's Light

Direct from my Clients

“The best way to describe Reiki is that it is like having a big pink loving hug”. S.

I have had another wonderful session of Reiki with Clare Powell. Well it was mind blowing, I have seen colours swirling around today, and felt so completely relaxed. She picked up on how I was feeling and where she could help heal me most. Clare is very gifted lady; I cannot wait till our next session. Xx” K

“ Hi everyone, I had my first session with Clare on Thursday and am amazed at the effect already. She picked up that I have a problem with my knee and since then it has been a lot better and no pain!  I felt very calm immediately after the session but very positive at the same time and that feeling lasted all day and on to today. I slept like a log last night which is very rare!
I was also treated to a back and Indian head massage which were both brilliant!
Thank you Clare, I can't wait for my next session! Xx”. S.

“Hi everyone!  Well today I had my first Reiki session and I was overwhelmed.  Clare you were amazing!  I had no idea of what to expect, but what I experienced will stay with me for a long time.  The most vivid violet and green colours appeared and made me feel amazing.  The calmness that came over me was unbelievable.  The heat from Clare's hands was so powerful yet so soothing.  It left me feeling really positive and deeply relaxed.  I can't wait for my next one Clare, and I just want to tell everyone about it!  You really are gifted Clare and like I said, a true Angel - thanks so much again. xxxx”. S.

“It was amazing
I have never felt such an experience
I could see colours and shapes ranging from blue to green and the pink to red
I was a little nervous to start with when I had these visions but I just went with it and was amazingly relaxed
Each time Clare placed her hands there was instant comforting warmth
When she came to the end of the session I experienced an amazing white light
Feeling relaxed yet energised
I loved it and can't wait for my next session.
Thank you Clare”. N.

“Yesterday I had my 2nd session of Reiki with Clare face to face.  It was a completely different experience.  It wasn't necessarily more powerful regarding the heat from Clare, but I experienced different things this time round.  Instead of flashing blue and white strips, I had a fading violet swirly light come through at a distance.  It stayed at a distance.  Speaking to Clare afterwards we got to the root of it! I was gobsmacked.  It's a personal thing for me and Clare is going to help me work on it.” T.